Food for the Brain

What are you feeding your brain? Try a good book. It`s food for the brain. Curling up with an old-fashioned paper-bound book is like having a healthy home-cooked meal surrounded by old friends, dear family and interesting new guests. You are nourishing your mind with knee-slapping humour, deep conversations and a feast of new ideas.…… Continue reading Food for the Brain

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Oxygen for the Soul

It’s 2016 and March already! Time has been just flying by, and I’m still here. I’ve been busy painting. I’ve branched out into some more abstract larger pieces, but continue to collect fast food wrappers and instant noodle packaging for my geisha series paintings. If you have some time, please go check out the Oxygen…… Continue reading Oxygen for the Soul

Writing Your Artist Statement

Definition of an Artist Statement When you apply to galleries, you need to have an artist statement (also known as an artist’s statement). So what is that exactly? The artist’s statement to me, is a more formal and detailed version of an elevator pitch. It should capture the same essence of what your art is…… Continue reading Writing Your Artist Statement

Elevator Pitch for Artists

How to Market Your Portfolio to Galleries and Curators I recently went to a talk by Laura Schneider, acting director and curator of the Reach, called How to Market Your Portfolio to Galleries/Curators. She was fabulously energetic, informative and inspiring; and I’m planning to write more on her talk in future posts. One of the…… Continue reading Elevator Pitch for Artists

Unicorn Girl

How I Got Into Poetry With an upcoming show and some other painting in the works, I’ve been walking around with bits of acrylic paint in my hair. To keep my brain jogging along the writing path, but finding less time to do so, I decided to try my hand at poetry. I was big on poetry…… Continue reading Unicorn Girl

Fraser Valley Biennale

Fraser Valley Biennale: Miki Dare My art will be in the 2015 Fraser Valley Biennale. It’s a series of exhibitions that are coordinated through arts councils in the Fraser Valley region. The show is happening from now until September and you can enjoy a variety of innovative art in galleries ranging from Mission to Abbotsford.…… Continue reading Fraser Valley Biennale