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Connected Virtual Art Show October 2021

My art is now up and running in the online exhibition with the Abbotsford Arts Council. You can check it out at

We had hoped the exhibition would be in real life and not just virtual, but the gallery has decided to keep it online only for now due to COVID-19. I am thrilled that my work “Slipstream of Consciousness” was chosen for the advertising poster. If you look closely at the piece, you can see a dragon is part of it (although a little hard to see with the lettering over it).

Barb Pearson and Christina Mets are also part of the show and their work is fabulous. Please go check it out. The work will be part of this exhibit for the month of October.

CONNECTED Digital Exhibition

The Abbotsford Arts Council is putting on a digital exhibition called “Connected”and, it features Chrstina Mets, Barb Pearson, and myself.  

I am thrilled to be part of this show–and crossing fingers–it’s hoped that there will also be an art exhibition with an evening grand opening in real life. We are just waiting to see if there are any more COVID-19 rulings closer to October. For more information, on the event and updates, please check out

During COVID-19, I felt a need to find a calm and connected place within myself through my art–as my ability to travel to places and how I moved in places had changed in reality. My recent works are a way to find a positive place to escape to—like a portal to a peaceful state of mind. I wanted these paintings to be a way to ground myself—to the Earth through the sea and sand—to sky and land. I also wanted to expand my mind while I was spending so much time at home—like thinking of the endlessness of space to remind me of the great big universe that I am part of. My goal was to focus on the simple wonders of life—escaping into my memories of the salty smell of the ocean, listening to waves lapping on the shore, feeling the cool wash of water against my feet, and the warm sunshine kissing my skin. Letting my mind travel in thoughtful directions about how Earth is just a pretty marble in an infinite universe—the beauty of swirling galaxies, the heat of shining stars, and the cool mysteries of dark matter. When I feel overwhelmed, I can look at these paintings and lose myself in swirling thoughts of positive places near and far–in reality, in memories, and in dreams.

The poster down below for the exhibition features one of my paintings.

Women in Art Exhibit Online

The Kariton Gallery is celebrating Women’s International Month with a Women in Art show online for the month of March. As per their website, “The Women in Art show is a space dedicated to honour and recognize women artists sharing their perception, experience, and addressing their rights and identities, in creative work and beyond.”

There is a great variety of fabulous art you can check out by women artists. I also have three pieces in the show titled, “You are Electric,” “Be Your Own Sunrise” and “Find the Magic in the Moment.” You can check out the website by going to 

Here is my artist statement for the work I have been doing on sticky notes, that these three pieces are part of.

Women work 24/7. We work full-time jobs (making 24% less than men). We are full-time parents (working 50% more than men doing unpaid work). We work hard and more than men for less money. It’s difficult to find time to take care of ourselves. Society tells women to be givers—to be self-sacrificing. How can I squeeze time in for me? To integrate art into my life, on a small, but very important scale, I began drawing on sticky notes. I go on jags; sometimes I am painting or writing, or life gets in the way and I don’t do them. But it’s been a positive way to make a little me time. It’s a way to explore what’s on my mind and in my heart. I encourage everyone—particularly women and girls–to take time to express themselves—even if it is a small scribble on a sticky note. Make it expressive and meaningful for you. It’s important to make your mark on the world–no matter the size.

You can order prints online of my work through the Kariton Art Gallery online giftshop.

Strange Times Online Exhibit

These are strange and difficult times, not only with COVID-19. My heart feels heavy with how much racism still permeates our society. My hope is that a move toward real and systemic change will happen.

For myself, I am going to be more aware of my privilege and power–and do all I can to make change and speak out where I can. Here is an infographic about the simple but very important act of speaking out.

I am currently part of a digital art show called Strange Times Online Exhibit. Where I painted a picture about hope–a better place and time.

You can check out the digital art gallery by going to

Women in Art Exhibition at Kariton Art Gallery

March is International Women’s Month, and the Abbotsford Arts Council is celebrating by having a Women in Art Exhibition. The exhibit runs from now until March 28th, 2020, and shows a variety of work from fanciful hats to mixed media paintings done by women from the Lower Mainland. I am happy to say that if you go check it out–you can see some of my pieces as well. The exhibition kicked off with a packed house opening reception on March 7th. Come by the Kariton Gallery (2387 Ware St.) to enjoy this exhibit for the rest of the month. I will also be doing an artist talk on March 28th from 2-4 to talk about my artist process.

Artist Talks at Kariton Art Gallery

Come on down to the Kariton Art Gallery this week for artist talks from a variety of artists talking part in the Women in Art exhibit going on this month. I will be there this Thursday from 1-3 to talk about my art process. You can also express yourself with art supplies through a postcard activity if you are feeling arty. I’ll bring the supplies and you can bring your memories and creativity.

Women in Art at Kariton Art Gallery

Women in Art Exhibit happening at the Kariton Art Gallery

Come check out the Women in Art Exhibit being held this month at the Kariton Art Gallery in Abbotsford, BC. My artwork will be part of this exhibit that runs from March 9th to April 2nd. Come by and chat and have some appetizers at the opening night event on Saturday, April 9th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. March is International Women’s Month–a time to highlight the contributions of women to events in history and present day. The Abbotsford Arts Council curated this exhibit to celebrate women artists in the region. Paintings, prints and cards will be on display and for purchase by a range of great local women artists.

Tesseracts 20 Book Launch in Vancouver

I had a fabulous time at the “double the fun” book launch for Issue 16 of Pulp Literature and Tesseracts 20 in Vancouver. My short story “Grounded” is in the latter anthology, and it was my first time to read my published work in public. I was nervous to say the least, but had a blast once I got reading.

Compostela: Tesseracts Twenty

The book launch was on September 18, 2017 at the Cottage Bistro, Vancouver. It was a terrific venue, and I enjoyed meeting fellow writers and readers.  As per Pulp Literature’s website, “attending litterati from Pulp Literature include feature author kc dyer, cover artist Akem, Patrick Bollivar, Erin Kirsh, Magpie Poetry Award judges Renée Sarojini Saklikar and Daniel Cowper along with Magpie runner-up Glenn Pape, JM Landels, and Susan Pieters (who has a story in both books).”  The Tesseracts 20 list included Susan Pieters, paulo da costa, Linda DeMeulemeester, Steve Fahnestalk, Catherine Girczyc, Roxanne Gregory, Matthew Hughes, Guy Immega, and Rhea Rose.

Thanks to the folks at Pulp Literature for organizing such a wonderful event.

Compostela: Tesseracts Twenty

Compostela: Tesseracts TwentyI’m on cloud nine that my story “Grounded”  is in the new anthology Compostela: Tesseracts Twenty which is now available exclusively on Amazon.

Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing puts out a Tesseracts anthology each year, and it features work by Canadian science fiction, fantasy and horror authors. According to Edge’s website, “Some of Canada’s best known fiction writers have been published within the pages of these volumes – including Margaret Atwood, Susan Swan, and Hugo and Nebula award winning authors William Gibson, Spider Robinson, and Robert J. Sawyer.” I am happy to say that in this 20th edition, I share the pages with Robert J. Sawyer. How fabulous!

It’s also wonderful to be in an anthology edited by Spider Robinson because he was my first direct connection to the world of science fiction writers. He was a writer in residence in Vancouver awhile back, and I went in to see him about what he thought about my writing. I basically wrote science fiction as a social hermit, as most of my friends don’t read it. I was ever so nervous, and he was ever so kind.  He said to go on and start sending out stories; and that’s what I did. Here I am now!

Fort Nelson Says Goodbye to Daylight Savings Time

Fort Nelson Says Goodbye to Daylight Savings Time

I hope Fort Nelson could start a trend. This year is the last time anyone in this BC town has to set their clocks back or forward an hour…ever. They voted to do away with the Daylight Saving tradition that so many of us still follow. Part of Fort Nelson’s decision was made because it’s near the Albertan border. By making this change, for half the year they are on BC time and for the other half the year they are on Alberta time. Still, I’m game for following in their forward-thinking footsteps.

Fall Back, Spring Forward

I know it’s only an hour. But it’s an hour that throws me. I feel zombiesque and just that bit off – more so than usual. And it’s not only me. I had to scrape my kids out of bed and sludge their little bodies out the door. There was whining, irritation and clumsiness, yes, myself included.

Others were feeling the early morning pain. At my kid’s school, there were two full pages filled with names of everyone who was late. Later at the supermarket, a woman in the line up was talking about how she was making mistakes and feeling out of it today and the cashier said he was having an off day too. We all nodded our head and agreed it was that lost hour messing with us.

Studies Find Daylight Saving Time Switch Isn’t Good for People

Every year when we fall back or spring forward news stations report on the negative impact of the time change. The latest study this year is from the University of British Columbia.  Researchers found that there are more fatal accidents on the roads after the time switch. An American and a Swedish study both found the risk for heart attacks increases during this time as well. The Swedish study linked it to a lack of sleep.

Change the Time on Everything

Perhaps I’m just whining because I don’t want to have to fiddle with the stove clock, amongst a bunch of other appliances in the house, to figure out how to set the hour forward. Or maybe I will rebel this year and just leave my clocks wrong by an hour. I’ll tell my kids it’s a learning opportunity to do a little addition every time they want to know what time it is. Ah, these are the kinds of decisions you make when you are sleep-deprived by an hour. I should be back to normal in a week or so. 🙂