Texting Terms from Bexting to Zexting

Texting Terms from Bexting to Zexting


I like making up words and so many of us are on our cellphones these days – that I was inspired to make up my own texting lingo. This isn’t a selection of acronyms (although that might be fun to do next time), rather it’s every day things we do and how we’ve fused them into our texting. Please enjoy my textionary so far — I’ll add more when I think of them. And if you have any ideas for other texting terms to add – send me a note and I’ll post them up. 🙂


Beg + Texting = Bexting. This happens when you suddenly need a large favour, like let’s say babysitting for Friday night which is tonight, and you know it’s kind of a big thing to ask someone. So, you send a text instead of calling because it’s easier to ask through a text and hopefully easier for the person to say ‘no’ to as well. As a receiver of a bext, you are within your rights to ignore bexts like this: “Plz babysit my kids 2night. Can I borrow your car and $50? Sorry about the accident last time. Won’t happen again & going to pay you back $500 I owe you real soon. Love you!” That brings me to my next term…


Ignore + Texting = Ignexting. That’s when you get a text you don’t want to deal with. Like someone wants to switch a shift at work so you’ll have to work Friday and Saturday. Ignexting means waiting until the appropriate time when it would be too late to help them out. Then it’s safe to send a text saying something like, “So sorry, left the phone in my car.” Or you can even choose to never respond to the text, as if someone how it magically got lost in the ‘celliverse’ and you never received it.


kids at playgroundParexting

Parenting + Texting = Parexting. This is when you’re supposed to be parenting your child and instead you are on your phone texting or playing a video game. This is often most noticed by others when your kids are on the playground. Parexting is fine, so long as your eyes do peep up once in awhile to make sure your kids are still at the playground and not setting it on fire.


Fight + texting = Fexting. This is when you have an argument via your phone, usually with a significant other or family members. It’s a great option to have versus an out-and-out blowout that wakes the neighbours. The loudest a fext gets is capitalized letters. I like resorting to creative emoticon combinations. The pooh and pants often go nicely together.


Hide/Hex + Texting = Hexting. This is when you don’t want to talk to someone or you wish you could hex them to stay away permanently. Hexting happens when you use your phone to hide from someone in plain sight. Suddenly you start tapping madly on your phone as if there is nothing more important than the message you are working on – you type as if you are in the middle of brokering world peace and putting an end to world poverty. In reality, all you’re doing is typing gibberish in your notes.


Yellow sticky notesRemexting

Reminding + Texting = Remexting. This is when you send reminders of events coming up or simple chores you need loved ones to remember. By the time you are resorting to remexting, it’s because you are tired of giving verbal notices. Remexting has an added advantage because it provides you with evidence if the receiver of the remext says, “You never told me.” Then you can give them a genuine smiley-emoticon-in the-flesh smile and say, “Check your message history.” Remind them again to do what the text says – if still possible.


Vexed/Vent + Texting = Vexting. This is when something crappy has happened and you need to vent right away. Cut and paste the same message to all your friends so you can get all the support you need to deal with this vexting-worthy situation.


Whine + Texting = Whexting. This is similar to vexting, but the concerns you text about are more trivial. Like you have to go to a meeting and you really don’t want to. Whine. Sigh. Moan. Whext.


ZZZ + Texting = Zexting. You resort to zexting when you are fighting to keep your eyes open at said meeting or other important boring event. You can zext to fight off boredom or where you do not want to be caught slumped over and drooling.

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