CONNECTED Digital Exhibition

The Abbotsford Arts Council is putting on a digital exhibition called “Connected”and, it features Chrstina Mets, Barb Pearson, and myself.  

I am thrilled to be part of this show–and crossing fingers–it’s hoped that there will also be an art exhibition with an evening grand opening in real life. We are just waiting to see if there are any more COVID-19 rulings closer to October. For more information, on the event and updates, please check out

During COVID-19, I felt a need to find a calm and connected place within myself through my art–as my ability to travel to places and how I moved in places had changed in reality. My recent works are a way to find a positive place to escape to—like a portal to a peaceful state of mind. I wanted these paintings to be a way to ground myself—to the Earth through the sea and sand—to sky and land. I also wanted to expand my mind while I was spending so much time at home—like thinking of the endlessness of space to remind me of the great big universe that I am part of. My goal was to focus on the simple wonders of life—escaping into my memories of the salty smell of the ocean, listening to waves lapping on the shore, feeling the cool wash of water against my feet, and the warm sunshine kissing my skin. Letting my mind travel in thoughtful directions about how Earth is just a pretty marble in an infinite universe—the beauty of swirling galaxies, the heat of shining stars, and the cool mysteries of dark matter. When I feel overwhelmed, I can look at these paintings and lose myself in swirling thoughts of positive places near and far–in reality, in memories, and in dreams.

The poster down below for the exhibition features one of my paintings.

By Miki Dare

writer and artist