Punny Halloween Costumes from Head to Feet

Covered from Head to Foot with Punny Halloween Costumes

Okay, I have more punny costume ideas percolating in my head for Halloween. Here are some ideas that cover you from head to feet for October 31st! They are quick, easy and punny. 🙂 Did I say I love puns?! I know, I’m so corny…which brings me to my first costume idea.


dried corn husksA Really Corny Costume

You can go about this a few ways. You can make yourself a bandolier (aka bandoleer) of dried corn husks with wire or string. And/Or you can buy a bunch of cans of corn and take off the labels and randomly tape or glue them to a dress, shirt and/or pants. Voila! You have yourself a really corny costume.


Have Bed Head on Halloween

Get a bed from a Barbie set or a some other small doll toy set. Then hot glue-gun it to a headband or to a strip of sturdy cloth that you can tie over or around your head. Now you have instant bed head.


cloudsGo Trick-or-Treating with Your Head in the Clouds

Get some white paper and draw clouds. Next cut them out and then tape them to some thread or string. Then tape or tie them on to a headband or hair clips. Have them go all around your head if you can. Now you’ve got your head in the clouds. You can glue or tape cotton balls to the clouds for added effect. Wear all white to coordinate with the clouds. And you can also shroud a pair of earrings in cotton balls for added affect.


Party with Knuckle Sandwiches

Make peanut butter and jam sandwiches (or whatever ones you might like to eat later) and put them in a Ziploc sandwich bag. Now tape them on to your knuckles with athletic tape. You are ready to party with two knuckle sandwiches ready to go.


Two Left Feet Costume

This is good for a Halloween dance party. Go as someone with two left feet. You can go to a secondhand store and buy two sets of identical shoes. I would recommend buying them on the big side, so your right foot that’s going to go into the left shoe has some room and doesn’t feel squished. When you ask someone to dance or they ask you, you can warn them ahead of time that you have two left feet.


tiesAll Tied Up for Halloween

Wear a dress shirt then put on as many ties around your neck as you can. Look for some colorful and tacky ones from thrift shops. Have them go all around your neck from back to front. Then you can tell people you are “all tied up” for Halloween.


These are all great quick and easy Halloween costumes to make on the fly. You can find the materials you need easily at home or at a thrift shop. Then you can put them together in a flash at home and head off to your night of Halloween fun with a punny costume.


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By Miki Dare

writer and artist