Punny Homemade Halloween Costumes

Punny Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween Outfits Based on Popular Sayings

Looking for an easy and humorous DIY costume for Halloween? Here are some quick homemade outfits that are easy and fun for anyone.

I love puns and I love Halloween. So, here are some simple costume ideas that are easy to do and that are based on idioms (aka well-known sayings). You can go with one idea or combine them if you want to go all out. They can also work as a theme for a couple or a bigger group going out for Halloween together.

green thumbHaving a Green Thumb for Halloween

Paint a thumb green. It can be as simple as that. When people ask about your costume, explain that you have a “green thumb.” This costume can be dressed up easily by getting fake leaves and flowers. You can put them in a garland in your hair. You can also get green duct tape and tape the faux plants on to a green shirt and pants. If you are really handy you could sew the fake flowers and leaves on. Thumbs up for a green thumb.

Butterflies in My Stomach Costume

Get pipe cleaners, paper and paint and make paper butterflies. If there are wooden clothes pins around the house, they can be used as the body of the butterfly with paper as the wings and the pipe cleaner as the antennae. The clothes pins are easy to stick on to you clothes. If you don’t have clothes pins, you can use duct tape the same color as your shirt to tape the butterflies on to the stomach area of your top. Another option is to put the butterflies on a dress. You can add some ‘escaping’ butterflies in your hair or clip one to a bracelet or hair elastic and wear it on your wrist.

Frog in My Throat Halloween Costume

Buy a plastic frog and glue-gun it or duct tape it to a ribbon, scarf or piece of cloth that can be tied around the neck. So the saying is “there is a frog in my throat” – so preposition-wise this is a frog technically on your throat, but you speak with a croaky voice and say there is still one in your throat. This is just the one that escaped.

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve for Halloween

heart on sleeveCut out a heart from red felt or cloth and then duct tape, sew or glue gun it to the sleeve of a shirt. If you are short with supplies and time, you can always color a heart out of paper or use red construction paper to make your heart. You could even just pin it on. You could also make a heart for each sleeve. Worse comes to worse, you could always get a red felt and draw the heart right on to a shirt you don’t mind having a heart permanently on the sleeve.

On Halloween be a Facebook Friend

Write the word book across your face in black eyeliner or face paint. Then when people ask you what you are, you can answer, “I’m Facebook. Would you like to be my friend.” Hopefully you make some real friends.

These are simple, cheap and easy Halloween costumes that you can do quickly if you are short of time for a costume for October 31st. The materials are easy to make or find. And you can spend as much and as little time as you want on making one of these costumes for your next Halloween party. Or perhaps it will inspire your own ‘sense of pun” and you come up with your own.

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By Miki Dare

writer and artist