Unicorn Girl

UnicornHow I Got Into Poetry

With an upcoming show and some other painting in the works, I’ve been walking around with bits of acrylic paint in my hair. To keep my brain jogging along the writing path, but finding less time to do so, I decided to try my hand at poetry. I was big on poetry as a teenager (and, yes, there are some scary-funny angst-filled masterpieces that I hope will never see the light of day ever again). On the bright side, I loved writing poetry for English class. One of my teachers asked if I was the really the person who wrote the poems I handed in – and ever the optimist, I instantly took being accused of cheating as a great compliment.

Some Poetry Sprouted into Short Stories

Back to the present day, I have found poetry refreshing and also more difficult than I remembered. Some things I began writing about as poetry, and then I found I was writing in paragraphs. I got on such a roll and wanted to build the world or expand on details that I ended up thinking, “Hey, that would make a good short story!” And so what started off as poetry ended up being more like a seed that I’ve put on hold to grow into something bigger at a later date. Back to the mouse pad, I scribbled away again and brainstormed other ideas that would still tell a story but worked well in brevity…and I maneuvered myself into a poetic frame of mind.

Unicorn Girl

Grievous Angel has recently published my poem called Unicorn Girl. Please go check it out at http://www.urbanfantasist.com/latest-sci-fi–fantasy-poetry–flash-fiction/four-poets-and-four-new-poems and tell me what you think.

Roots of Unicorn Girl

The roots to Unicorn Girl go way back. I knew girls at school who had horses and were horse crazy. I, having no horse, imagined unicorns and was, yes, fairly crazy for them. I still have unicorn earrings somewhere. Usually, there is some negative stereotyping of unicorn girls (think of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter), so I wanted to write something that had a bit of a bite to it. I wanted a unicorn girl who was not some damsel in distress or ditsy rainbow lover, but rather someone who was secure in her power – someone who could take care of herself. The poem Unicorn Girl is the result. Hope you enjoy it. : )



By Miki Dare

writer and artist